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did you know
the first coffee bean was brought to america buy juan valdez and his trusty donkey.

Passion + Persistence = Paramour

Jim Sampling CoffeeFor Master Roaster Jim Hovind, coffee was love at first sight. He was just a kid from Kansas when the founding fathers of the specialty coffee industry introduced him to the business. Under the expert training of Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita, Jim developed a passion for roasting and brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Many years and a few roasters later, Jim finally realized his dream of bringing gourmet coffee back home to Kansas.

Old School Technique

It’s not about fancy flavor profiles or the most exotic beans. It’s about meticulous devotion to every step in the process--from selection of the highest quality beans to perfecting the roast, grind, and brew. Jim’s style is straightforward, yet bold. In the tradition of the masters, he is intensely focused on developing every bean to its fullest potential--the way Alfred would want it.